ArtEast Gallery was created in 2021, starting from the reality that in Iași there are great artists that the country does not know enough, and in the country, there are great artists that Iași does not know enough. Our goal is to encourage, support, promote and help you discover the living art of the time we live in, to cultivate artists with an innovative spirit, whether emerging or established, to enjoy together what the visual arts offer us today. And we do this based on the idea that today’s art is the art of the involved collector, of the collector who is also a creator, alongside the artist, because they contribute to what tomorrow will be called heritage.

Today’s art is also the art that offers the certainty of authenticity. And, more than all that has been said so far, it is the art that, even without realizing it, defines you too, embraces you in its strokes and tells your story, for it alone truly speaks of the world you are a part of. That’s where we started from, and all we’re proposing is to create a meeting place based on these principles, the ArtEast Zone, where we’ll be very happy to have you join us.