“Ion Barbu is an atypical, restless and terribly effervescent artist. Just when you think you’ve got his formula down, he comes up with a new project that forces you to redefine him. We all know of his endeavor in Petrila, place which he reinvented by plastering deteriorated walls and buildings with lines by Romanian poets. The miracle only lasted a few days, because the authorities came with paint rollers to restore the sweet order of mediocrity.

But Ion Barbu believes as no other in the subtle power of poetry to transform the world. This explains the miracle of the Museum of Poetry he has created in Iași, the most appropriate location for such a place.

In this project, Ion Barbu proposes a series of small “stone-poetic” installations.  The crossword, the puzzle, the gridlines, the stamps, the logos or the map are all pretexts on which a verse can become reality. Poetry is all around us.

As you can see, having been born in Petrila (from the Romanian “piatră”, meaning “stone”), Ion Barbu has a special relationship with stones. From the moment they are pebbles, he teaches them to say poems, as he does now. Let’s listen to them with our eyes and enjoy them with our backbone!” (Dana Lungu, curator)