She is one of the most important contemporary artists, actively involved in the national and international artistic phenomenon that we know as the “School of Cluj”.

She is a university lecturer and, at the same time, Director of the Department of Painting at the Cluj-Napoca University of Art and Design, as well as an author of the digital platform dedicated to contemporary art

She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions both in the country, in Cluj, Bucharest or Alba-Iulia, and abroad, in cities such as Budapest, Rome, New York, Birmingham, Wroclaw, etc. The author’s art oscillates between painting, scenography and installations, challenging the intimate coexistence of elements from seemingly diametrically opposed worlds, creating by association new conceptual, emotional and aesthetic spaces. Relevant to the contemporary dimension of the concept of metamorphosis, her works are visual reflections of the fragile boundary between the natural and the artificial, of metamorphoses and rites of passage, whether biological, psychological or social, of experiences that freeze or accelerate development, revealing a world of existential borders.

Among her exhibitions, we mention

“Magda / Olăhuț. A male artist and a female artist make bread”, Hangar F, Alba-Iulia (2021);

“Spotlighting Cluj / Riflessi e rappresentazioni artistiche”, Il Mitreo-Arte Contemporanea, Rome (2021);

“Hassium. ro / Art Market Budapest”, Budapest (2020);

“MAELSTROM”, Halucinarium Gallery, Bucharest (2019);

“Stories of Conflict and Desire”, Cultural Centre of Mogoșoaia Palaces, Bucharest (2019);

“One Woman Show/ Take Your Pills”, Cluj-Napoca Pharmacy Museum (2017);

“CON-FRONT EAST”, Gallery RIVAA, New York (2017);

“The School of Cluj/ Painting & Graphic Arts”, Neon Gallery, Wroclaw (2017);

“Fear/Pain/Hunger”, The National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca (2016) and many others.