The exhibition “The L.I.G.H.T” brings together a series of works made in 2021 and signed by two of the most important artists from Iași, Marinela Ciobanu and Rodica Crîșmaru, on the theme of motherhood during lockdown.

“The last two years have imposed on us a difficult exercise, that of adapting to a situation that we could only imagine through books or film scripts. Not only biologically, but also socially, we lacked the antibodies trained to fight a pandemic. If the problem of stimulating the body’s antibodies is a matter of medicine, for social antibodies we have the artists. Marinela Ciobanu and Rodica Crîșmaru thus come, with a maternal, profound vision, to tell us through painting about the tribulations of isolation, about a loneliness in total opposition to the ‘noise’ of social media, one that we have the opportunity to understand, with which we have the opportunity to empathize under the protection of brush strokes and colors. An extraordinary story created by two extremely talented artists, inviting us to look at the family space, a small space, so personal, but at the same time the most important for each of us in the context the world offers us today.” (Lucian Dan Teodorovici)